The power to recall your light’s settings instantly

Many creatives, especially those in editing, sound design, and VFX live by the mantra “Save your work!” You never know when a program crash or power outage may occur and throw your project down the drain.

But to the folks involved with lighting, I’ll also ask the same question…

The Importance of Adaptable Tools for Film Production

Whether you work as a professional cinematographer or enjoy shooting videos as a hobby, you’re going to encounter a wide range of stories that require specific tools to visually bring them to life.

Despite an ever-expanding range of filmmaking gear offered to creatives to meet these demands, budgets and production timelines continue to shrink. In the world of lighting especially, every creative is forced to think critically before adding to their toolkit.

It certainly helps when one light can be adapted to take the place of many.

Explore the Power of Wireless Lighting Control

What if I told you that you could control 100 lighting fixtures from four football fields away AND change their color output to match your favorite T-shirt with just your smartphone?

You’d probably question why you would ever use your shirt to light a scene… but you wouldn’t know unless you gave it a try!

Today, we’re breaking down the key features of the Sidus Link wireless lighting control app and what you need to know to unlock your light’s full potential.

The Seamless Workflow of Diagram Master

To achieve great lighting in filmmaking, you need to start with a solid pre-production plan. Having an awareness of the equipment you’ll need and how you’ll use it is a reliable practice that helps you communicate with your team and keeps your production running more smoothly on set.

A key tool cinematographers turn to for this preparation are overhead lighting diagrams, and Sidus Link’s Diagram Master offers a detailed platform for just that. Available to filmmakers on IOS, Android, and iPad devices, the program allows you to craft pre-visualized layouts of your scene while easily keeping track of equipment needs.

Spotlight Mini Zoom & LS 60 Softbox

Today we welcome two new members of the Aputure product family. These native lighting modifiers allow you to shape your LS 60d and 60x into the ultimate portable soft light or focusable hard light, opening the door to a world of creative opportunities.

The LS 60 Softbox is a highly mobile square softbox that matches the compact design of the 60d and 60x by softening the output without adding excess bulk; while the Spotlight Mini Zoom acts as a 2X variable projection lens that acts as a lighting scalpule for both LS 60 lights.

The Spotlight Mini Zoom is…

Mastering Sidus Link’s Palette Feature

Some of the most iconic moments in cinema are distinguished by color. These can be found in set design, props, costuming, or especially lighting. But one thing’s for sure, it certainly helps tell a story when you have the right tools to emphasize emotions in your cinematography work.

Today we’re diving into Palette; a new feature of the wireless lighting control app Sidus Link, and its capabilities to easily incorporate inspiring colors to your project.

If this is your first time reading about Sidus Link or you want to learn more about how the app works, you can check out…

How to Sync Your Lights to a Song

Whether you’re a filmmaker planning a music video or a DJ playing a gig, creative lighting is a key part of showcasing music.

It certainly helps when you can ask your lights to do the heavy lifting for you by syncing to the music themselves.

The team at Sidus Link has just announced a V 1.6 updated to their wireless lighting control app that includes a promising feature called Music FX. This intuitive system merges a reliable beat matching AI with a flexible array of user-controlled parameters; leaving plenty of room for creativity without the hassle of time-intensive lighting design.

Part 2) Exploring Advanced Controls

With the basics of Sidus Link’s Magic Program covered in part one of our tutorial series, you’re now ready to navigate more advanced tools for wirelessly programming lighting effects.

In this article, we’ll be covering the mastery of Continue fixture controls and why they’re important for creating a number of different lighting sequences.

If this is your first time hearing about Sidus Link’s wireless Bluetooth Mesh App, then the best place to start would be our Sidus Link 101 overview.

Aputure Lighting’s Release of the B7c 8-Light Kit

The Accent B7c is now available in an 8-Light Charging Kit. Made for indie filmmakers, owner-operators, and rental houses; the 8- Light Charging Kit allows you to simultaneously store and protect up to eight B7c bulbs, giving you enough practical lights for any scene. All you’ll need is a single outlet available to recharge and bring your lights back to full operating power.

The B7c 8-Light Kit

The 8-Light Charge Case is not only designed for ease of use but for safety as well. …

Aputure’s Latest Range of Light Modifiers and Accessories

Featured products released March 9th, 2021

With the release of five new accessories, our goal is to help you control all the lights on your set the way you need to. Not only have we put them below for you to check out, but we have also included links to their respective pages on our website so you can see all the necessary specs on these new tools in lighting control…

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